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Elegant style

(Quiet, gentle)
This is seen in the last century a style at the beginning of this century, it is essentially based on the decorative surface of the wallpaper as the main material, combined with a mixture of woodworking practices. This style emphasizes harmony of proportion and color. People on the upper part of a wall and the ceiling the same color, and walls using a wallpaper with a light texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, with no trace of fickleness.
Urban style (independent)
Entering the 21st century, housing reform, and the emergence of so many young first-time buyers, the impetus for this style. Young had just bought a House, many cash-strapped, and the estate at this time and are based on the blank room (without fitting out style), revolution of these young people had to be renovated. To limited financial resources, people began through a variety of forms to highlight the already "decoration" look, with extensive use of bright colors is a typical example. People use a variety of colors at home, sometimes in the same space, using three or more colors.

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