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Fresh style

This is a under the influence of minimalism derives a "petty bourgeoisie" style of Interior Design. Especially with the emergence of numerous singles, this bourgeois style in large numbers to appear in all kinds of decoration of the apartment. Because most of the time, their occupants are not members such as the elderly and children, so do not have to consider a number of problems in the decoration. They tend to emphasize a random and dull. Ethereal white curtains along with a soft sofa, and stacked a pile of pillows in all colors, will form a lazy atmosphere of the indoor space.
Chinese style (retro)
With the emergence of many modernist, retro style that domestic, that is the revival of Chinese-style d├ęcor. Chinese paintings, calligraphy, and Ming and Qing furniture, constitute the most important elements of Chinese design. But these retro furniture is expensive, a major obstacle to become lovers.

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