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Modern minimalist style

General emphasis in handling space of modern minimalist style of interior space spacious, internal and external transparency in space graphic design in the pursuit of freedom not affected by load-bearing wall. Walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, lamps and other furnishings are simple shapes, texture of pure, sophisticated technology for their identity. And plain as possible and eliminating redundant things that any complex design, special components of no practical value and any decoration will increase the construction cost, emphasizing form should serve more functions.
Classical European style
European style classical style pursuit of continuity in space, the pursuit of form and sense of change. Indoor and outdoor color, abundant light. Indoor with a patterned wallpaper, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, curtains and an antique-style decorative paintings or objects; to reflect the ornate style, furniture, doors and Windows painted white, line part of the furniture, picture frames decorated with gold thread, Phnom Penh. Gorgeous, elegant classical style is a kind of pursuit of European classicism, reveals noble and elegant, deep in show of luxury, with strong cultural and historical connotations.

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