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Eastern Mediterranean style

Eastern Mediterranean style with a unique aesthetic features. Choose natural soft color, space in the design match, making full use of every inch of space, set decoration and applied to one, in terms of combinations to avoid trivial, is generous, naturally, sends out the pastoral atmosphere and culture of the ancient noble taste; its unique Roman-like decorative lines simple and clean, reveal the breath of ancient civilization. On the use of color, soft and elegant tints, mapped out its pastoral meaning. Eastern Mediterranean style with arched glass with ancient history, using the soft light, and wood furniture, modern vernacular style of the show do not have fun.
The pastoral
Today's modern man, living standards improve, so accelerating pace of life, the Dragon is a busy, stressful life in the city, "" no condensate into the best often after work, relaxed place. Home decorating design style should not be neglected.
Garden d├ęcor have a people invisible to rest in a quiet, natural, fresh and comfortable illusion inside the brain environment. This could make people nervous, tired and completely relax. And dinner will let a person's appetite increased appetite, or can make the brain wakes up bright as he read.

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