"The home package" Spring home improvement hot
The company launched the package model to the reader, in the nearly two weeks of time, springs in the home improvement market home loaded models quietly heating up. So what kind of temptation to let consumers family decoration so obsessed with it?
What is a home improvement package mode?
For several chunks necessary of project, sail century do has large of data statistics, average calculation, decoration a 100 square meters of House, probably to with off how many tile, and floor, and wall paint, according to such of data, on its for measuring, these calculation method are is engaged in decoration engineering of experience inside get of, through put tooling engineering by common of mass procurement of way reference came, using mass procurement of way brings material cost of significantly declined, to put material cost of reduced directly let have to consumers, This is the company's "288" package, for consumers to make a truly benefit the bottom line.
Square meter valuation model why the low price?
First of all, sailing century decoration and the manufacturers directly, bulk orders, eliminating the link between profits, lower costs, services are not discounted. Its procurement prices are generally lower than the purchasing price for 15%-30%. Second, the package includes a variety of primary material loss. Such losses such as ceramic tile 6%-8% in General, losses in the floor 3%-5%, according to the statistics, these losses can be accounted for about 20% of the whole project. Below 288 Yuan per square meter is not up to the decoration effect, unnecessary wear and all of us have to be compressed, final cost with its decoration costs, came to the package price is 288 Yuan.
Package decoration suitable for what population?
First, apply to career success. Time is a precious commodity on successful career, decorated to meet such people's high demand, high grade and can save a lot of time. Secondly, the white collar workers who have a preference for packages are also. Busy white-collar workers no longer have to waste valuable time to go home and take a lot of trouble, let alone to face the home hidden troubles caused by the project to go over budget. Finally, the package is older candidates. Convenient way to allow you to select all materials, traveling for most of the elderly choose package will not only eliminate the market bargaining, election materials until the troubles, but also for the luxurious style of decoration save for a small fee.

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