How to negotiate with decoration company in Jinan
Home understanding each of us is different, how to decorate the most perfect home with limited funds? Home decoration, many owners care about is the issue of cost. So before the renovation, be sure to plan well, only good planning can reduce the cost. Here, living at home make up specially for your most comprehensive winter warm home improvement information, let you dress most beautiful loving home!
For every new house owners, the decoration is a very important thing. Effect of decoration, and decoration are closely related to the merits of the company. So when the renovated decoration company owner and negotiate, to master certain skills, the home improvement plays a very important role.
Understanding construction decoration company qualification
And when decorating your company to discuss, to find the qualification of construction decoration company. Must have qualification for construction decoration decoration company, also check the company's business license. In addition, the company has no formal office locations, whether issued by the approved Bill, all need to be carefully studied. Interior designers the level and qualifications directly related to the level of high and low, so the designers of the company detailed inquiries. If you are friends, to know to understand the company situation. But sometimes friends and family not the "expert", there will inevitably be "misleading", so also is hands-on.
Initial contacts home improvement company
Current decorative quotation in two ways: one owner called out to put as much money by decoration companies combined with the owner's requirements, design and quote; the other is specific requirements of owners of House decoration, by decoration companies offer take realize the owners a lot of money.
Many consumers are willing to adopt the second chat, the purpose of which is to avoid decorating company "bottom" is. Consumers would like decoration company to offer room for myself and make a counter-offer.
In fact, all formal decoration company's profit margins are similar, what is different is the design force and quality of after-sales service. Owner this will only delay your time, thus delaying progress. So, when in contact with the decoration company began, preferably directly to how much money we spend, to what effect, expressed to the decoration company. If owners agreed to undertake the family decoration works to enter the specific design, pricing and negotiation phase.
Confirm the design bargain
Owners and decoration company following an initial intention, decoration must understand the specific requirements of the owners of the company, and to conduct site surveys. Subsequently, the company will design, as well as a detailed quotation to owners, which has a very specific amount of materials and construction.
Owners to get this material, first of all depends on whether the design meets your requirements. Owners can of course ask the designers to explain the design, such as treatment of space, materials, such as. After you confirm the design, careful study of each individual in a quote price and amount is reasonable.

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