Bamboo floor humidity maintenance is the key
First of all, to maintain indoor humidity
Bamboo floor is by dry processing, reduced has size of changes, but for its bamboo is natural material, so, bamboo floor also will with climate dry humidity changes and some deformation; in North area if encountered dry season, especially open heating Shi, consumers can through different method regulation humidity, as used humidifier or in heating Shang put basin water,; South area to has more rain season, consumers should more open window ventilation, keep indoor dry; while, in indoor using bamboo floor should as avoid and large of water contact, if has water poured to floor Shang , Should be dry and clean.
Secondly, to avoid damaging the floor surface
Bamboo flooring paint, avoid hard objects, metal cutlery scratches, friction, etc. To prevent dirt, sand and other items into the room, placing a doormat at the entrance, but you must keep the soles clean. Do not use nail scratching for any infraction or wearing shoes with metal studs into the room. You can use some fabric to wrap furniture feet, so that both can more convenient to move the furniture, you can also make furniture do not damage the floor.
Finally, it should be properly clean the floor
In daily use, maintain Bamboo flooring floors clean, clean, clean broom to sweep and then wring out the MOP, usually with a soft damp cloth to clean the floor, can of course like a carpet, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the floor. Depending on the situation, you can wax every few years, keep the film surface smooth finish. If conditions allow, 2-3 month in the bamboo floor surfaces floor wax, so that maintenance is better.

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