Summer decorating pros and cons

Summer in our mind is always synonymous with high temperature hot, rainy season. If you select summer decoration, but that takes some courage. Because air humidity during the rainy season, is not conducive to decorating. But just receive friends can't wait to build comfortable nest, there were other families for various reasons, have to decoration, which made it harder.
Disadvantages: high water content of wood deformation
Air wet because of the rain, or not paying attention got wet, the moisture content of wood products increased. Because the sheet water neither too high, nor too low, not exceeding 12%, so when water content was too high and will appear during the heating season wood cracking, warping, and so on.
Strategy: before the construction of dry wood products
When purchasing blockboard, man-made sheet, first select the production date, the wood products after drying. Instead, choose wood frame material, it is best to end processing time longer, lower water content. Before construction, the best open air wood packaging, materials and moisture in the room close.
Abuse II: slow PuTTY dry
In the rainy season, will cement solidification rate slows down, appeared shaky and so on. Walls are easy to form water vapor, painting, puttying also did not easy to dry. When paint spraying when PuTTY is not completely dry, and prone to problems, such as causing blistering, cracking and other phenomena in the future.
Strategy: paint whitening water dry faster tune into
Try not to do the paint when it rains. Time to first dry and then do it again, such as paint, many Windows open for ventilation. Adding albino water mixed agent can also paint, speed up the drying rate. In front of the wall surface PuTTY scraper, dry cloth to wipe the wet vapor available. In the course of construction, puttying better not in the project end, longer time should be separated.
Summer decorating four benefits:
1. Air dusty little as film forming
Construction is most afraid of air humidity during the rainy season, but there is less dust in the air, the film will be good. Just choose the decoration company with rich experience, proven methods, you can prevent future shrinkage and deformation phenomena
Note: rainy day does not paint
Recommendation: for wood products, whether varnishing or blended oil, be sure not to brush in case of rain. Rainy day construction teams to do something else, or even a suspension for two days and don't do paint work in case of rain.
2. Time intensive
Because most people don't want to decorate during the rainy season, there have been "low season". Not many designers, decorators, have plenty of time to intensive cultivation. Meanwhile, decoration companies will provide more stringent project quality management.
3. Sales
Building material manufacturers will be selected during the rainy season to increase promotional efforts, building material products are often cheaper in the market, spend less money can buy more affordable things, why not?
4. Summer time
General daylight in the summer nights are short, can also work to ensure construction is a relatively long time.

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