Bundle the ground floor decorated launched the "pressure" as ex-gratia decoration drop 15% initiative
Good news for home owners at the end the main chance
Bundle the ground floor decorated launched the "decompression" drop 15%
End of the year, Hainan is home improvement season, then companies with favourable initiatives? Which company the decoration of a higher cost? From Jiangxi Township in Nanchang home decoration brand, Cong decoration Haikou branch on the first floor, in order to make our home in straddling the renovation, the owners can enjoy the brand's strength and charm, December 11, 2010 to January 9, 2011, the introduction of "decompression" 15% ex-gratia decoration drop special event to thank the support from home and love.
Plexus decoration on the first floor of the history? Bundle a floor decorative praised home advanced decorative culture, followed "personality, and exquisite, and grade, and innovation" of decorative concept, in design Shang focused on people, sought natural environment and Humanities environment of phase thaw harmony, modern simple and fashion culture of overall coordination; to integrity quality and service for enterprise of based of this, attention health and environmental, in construction Shang insisted "quality is enterprise of life: do a engineering, and tree a model; service is enterprise of fundamental: respect each one customer, and do each a times service" of quality management, Excellence, the pursuit of better, resulting in fruitful and numerous honors: has access to Nanchang home standard standard enterprise; decoration engineering management award and exemplary enterprises of Nanchang national mainstream media trust company brand; "consumer's most popular home improvement brand". Nanchang, Nanchang, integrity promotion, credit information center has been awarded the "integrity of harmonious undertaking Advanced Unit" by China building decoration Association as "2008 national housing decoration industry famous brand enterprise".
Do not rest on our laurels, to make new contributions. This is Bush building decoration Haikou branch of business policy.
According to bundle the ground floor decorated in charge, the company launched the "decompression" special events, bottom-special initiatives is the end, is the ultimate benefit for the last time this year, missed the only regret, its aim and purpose is to allow home owners to save money, worry, effort and time to create their own paradise of well-being.

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