Sanitary maintenance tips
Bathroom walls paved with tiles, in order to keep them clean and bright, and multipurpose decontamination paste can be used to clean. Ceramic tile cracks, you can use a toothbrush dipped in a little cleaning cream after descaling, then brush with a brush at the crack a waterproofing agent. Not only does this cutoff, but also prevent mold growth.
Sanitary maintenance tricks II: a method to wipe the glass
Clean mirrors and Windows because of long-term close contact with water over a watermark, become blurred. Spray glass cleaner can be used in a whole piece of glass out of a big x, and then wring out the cloth folded down the wipe in one direction, when until seven minutes, and then wipe again with a dry cloth. Wipe also use old newspapers, paper and ink can make glass light again, stubborn dirt can be wiped away.
Sanitary maintenance tips III: perfect uninstall
Taps (shower) is often filled with a wide variety of shower gel, shampoo, detergent, detergent faucet chrome-plated surfaces will become dull. You can use neutral detergent in soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the faucet spray once a week. Do not use acidic or abrasive detergents, wire brushes to torture taps.
Sanitary maintenance tricks IV: to the toilet to do Whitening mask
Put the right amount of water in the toilet, toilet brush set cleaning again, then pour about 5-10 ml of liquid cleaner or hydrochloric acid, coating evenly and scrub with a brush, such as dirt is heavier, then pour a little cleaner soaked scrub until clean, then rinse with clean water.
Five bathroom maintenance tricks: ceramics look like new
Clean bathroom with a convenient and environmentally friendly way, is to use white vinegar and lemon peel. Ware first scrubbed the dirt on the surface, then wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a little white vinegar ware surfaces or wipe with lemon peel, just a moment, ware will look like new, still gives off fragrance.
Six sanitary maintenance tricks: creating indoor air
Fashion negative ion air, you could get some shade plants, you can also buy an oxygen bar tiles, a picture similar to the oxygen bar brick murals and plants play a role in fresh air without any care, decorative bathroom, bathroom becomes oxygen bar, you may as well try.
Seven sanitary maintenance tricks: create elegant fragrance
Air fresheners on the market, you can choose according to their own preferences. What happens when guests in the elegant used fragrance bath, yoyo music coming from the ear at the same time, feel how comfortable it is. In addition, air purification bathroom is the most simple way: a cup of vinegar or a box open lid of eugenol in sanitary rooms, the smell will disappear.

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