Bathroom renovation details of life
Waterproof material construction as important
"The bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles are of a quality requirements are very high. "Nan Jian Xie Jianmin said of the new wall materials, sanitary water requirements are very high, so high quality waterproof wall tiles and floor tiles, reducing the water absorption of the brick.
"Floor tiles laid to retain the 1% discharging slope, slope towards the falling water. "Elegant decoration of Miss Chen believes that bathroom waterproof construction technology and materials is also important. Floor tile seams to weight, to align with the wall brick, yet a little paste porcelain smooth, water from the bathroom space as soon as possible, and in front of a brick wall construction, first wall waterproofing engineering ensures waterproofing of the wall safe.
Bathroom products for the installation to human
"As supplies for bathing in different stages in wet and dry separation order respectively, and the bath can be readily available. "Anwar sanitary official said, selection and installation of sanitary appliances should be considered when designing user-friendly. Sleek curves can reduce the damage of bump, if a larger space, you can also consider shower space separate from the make-up, toilet space, effectively prevent water splash, keep the floor dry. "These can be fixed by installing the closed door, or partial occlusion, such as soft, wide down the shutters. "
Security detail the most neglected
"Try not to change existing circuits in the bathroom. "Wei decoration of Mr Jiang said, electrical switch as far as possible outside the bathroom, bathroom space line must be sealed and insulated. If the socket in the bathroom away from water sources, best cover, and remember that wet hands do not plug. In addition, select shade-tolerant, moisture, suitable surge pot placed bathroom space, can be a bit angry.

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