Sailing century unprecedented decoration
Sailing century decoration has always been "delivering happiness, to create a classic" corporate purposes, and will continue to provide the community with better, more perfect decoration, carefully casting "Bluebird" brand! And former colleagues to work together with the industry to build self-discipline, maintaining a market environment, shape, and promote the development of industry, leading the new trend in decoration, a new chapter of harmonious society and harmonious decoration!
Sailing century decorated with advanced design concepts, profound knowledge of design-led, based on the standardized management, exquisite construction technology, perfect service system based on to industrialization model management reduce the cost advantages, providing customers with professional, personalized, personalized decoration products and services, and to make unremitting efforts to improve and exceed the customer's consumption value.
Sailing century decoration is a set design, construction, and service in one, with scientific management philosophy of company, company under the Marketing Department, design department, Engineering Department, Planning Department, Finance Department, customer service department, human resources department functions such as ingredients and materials Center. Established from the design, construction, quality control and after-sales service and reasonable set of detailed service process. By experienced, innovative fashion design elite; properly trained, skilled professional technicians; a senior professional managers formed into a good faith, dedication, pragmatic, innovative team. Advanced Office and construction, testing equipment, humanistic and scientific management mode, for the quality of the project and the company's development to provide a strong protection.

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