Review of China's development of decorative glass art
2006 for the development of the art glass industry is flourishing, the explosion of a year--Government invest funds to support Western construction in recent years, rapid economic development, export expansion and positive development of demand, per capita income and consumption level has been greatly enhanced. The real estate group have invested in major mainland cities to industrial development, also led the art glass industry in the major provincial cities Shun speed development. Originally operating mainly art glass brand regional agent-oriented merchants, began to make their own decisions independent production model.
Art haul offsite production of glass products caused by fragile, slow delivery, high cost, when the finished effect in case of disputes with the customer requirements, shall be returned to the country of origin can effect change such factors brought a lot of inconvenience; general order localization production is an inexorable trend of industrial development. In the global integration of the compliance rate in other key industries were already operating quite mature, such as automotive industry, telecommunications industry and other aspects was the introduction of foreign technology joint venture to produce; and China's agricultural technology-oriented rice-aid projects and so on, is to break the successful representative of the area which had been taken in different places of production.
Non-development area of the art glass industry enterprises after a long period of learning and reference, development time is longer for those kinds of technology process equipment is relatively simple, imitating the production level to the very mature, coupled with individual technical talent introduction, production quality to meet the local market demand. So design-led brands, if not timely adjustment of product structure new ideas develop more market potential of new styles and products, will gradually lose their competitive slowly phased out by the opponent. This is known as the author of a simple evaluation of industry development; is also the author of building decoration materials fair July 06 Guangzhou show art deco glass trends analysis and summary of a summary.
From 06-site effect we can easily see, the exhibitors on the effect of the exhibition layout and album packaging has a significantly improved level, integrated packaging display results than any previous show. Some of the manufacturers of the products achieved some breakthroughs in materials and styles, mainly reflected in the glass particles and resin relief sculpting on the breakthrough. But the breakthrough inventions gold glass than previous years, water-cut reliefs innovation, sand carving reverse stereo technology, sandstone glue sculpting smaller compared to the breakthroughs in technology innovation. Liaocheng
That has winner also has harvest is not is ideal of enterprise, in industry engaged in had 5 years above of comrade, if carefully analysis about; should not ugly have which several enterprise progress development has, which several enterprise development relative slow seems to lost has cherish day have glory, slowly recession has; which several originally does not well-known of enterprise and through unique style of products positioning in exhibition Shang, a exhibition success, to played has brand won has market. These problem is practitioners and enterprises by required awareness to and thinking reference of, only when keep mind awake not was moment of results by confused, see clear development situation and the market popular to, dared to save recognize itself by exists of shortcomings and errors; enterprise is may in competition in the stand long WINS not defeated of status; only constantly learning dared to challenge, with good dedicated spirit of practitioners is may real of industry pioneer.
Current art glass products are high-grade, high cohesion functions fine direction, the older generation of technicians engaged neat stringent and Cenozoic boldly gone with the organic mix. There are wonderful, each have their strengths and market; and there are more and more formal system of institutes of fine arts art education of high quality talent to join the team, it is unprecedented for the art glass industry, is the art glass industry development is a sure success in recent years in China, but also new hope for the development of glass art in our country!

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