1. free consultation

customers want to tell companies to their own requirements. We will listen carefully to our customers see, and make records.  


 2. initial programme

Designer after you get your license in person on-site measurement and observation drawing floor plan, possibility of customer requirements, and get design inspiration site, communicate with customers and the preliminary programme, cost validation.  


 3. initial design

when I get the customer complete set construction drawing design, detailed consultation with the designers, if any changes, after revising the design of customer satisfaction, design sign is in effect.  


 4. Programme

When customers provide us design and quote after you are satisfied, customer recognition, consultation can be started. Entering the stage of signing the contract.  


 5. contract signing

the contract shall include the following contents: name on both sides, the quality of project content, requirements, cost, terms of payment, duration of construction, as well as the obligations of both parties dispute solutions.  


 6. project construction

Designer engineers on-site technology gives the low-down, organizational arrangements for project construction. Customers can check with the decoration company during the construction project quality, our professionals track inspections found that encountered the problem solutions in a timely manner.  


 7. delivery and acceptance

project completion, rectification the preliminary inspection, reinspection by. Customers pay the balance.

(1) the overall acceptance (2) furniture (3) fabric (4) move ready to  


 8. after sales service

company tracking services, as promised to the customer for warranty maintenance service.