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Summer renovation advantages
Off-season furnished or plain
Beijing said Zhang Sihai, long hair decoration, for high summer temperature, the water evaporates rapidly, humidity and other climate characteristics, the company introduced advanced, mature manufacturing techniques, research and development is an international leader in special products series, solves the problems of long summer decoration. Technically speaking, summer construction due to changes in temperature and humidity of the construction process will be affected, long hair through constant practice and discussion, summarized the construction of effective solutions from process guarantees the quality of summer decoration. Environmentally-friendly material has always been most concerned about, is also long hair decoration on their most basic requirement, long hair decoration materials have been put forward higher requirements, continuous improvement, and research and development, for the consumer to create high-quality low-carbon living space. In fact, in recent years because of higher quality materials and construction techniques, and not have too big an impact of climate change on construction.
Beijing shichuang decorated Liu believes that summer is called the off-season is nothing more than was due to climate reasons, but the decoration of the large companies have managed to do factory repair, wood construction projects also need less and less. Split, dry paint decoration obsession since the rainy season does not exist, traditionally divided by the seasons change decorating season is not as clear as before.
Henan said Zhang Haoliang, extraordinary decoration, if judging by the number of owners to select a certain period decoration is renovation season, it can be said to choose the decoration in the off-season to enjoy more attention and service. This small amount of home improvement company's engineering, construction workers put more powerful, designers will also devote more energy to provide design and purchasing materials.
Shanghai nest decoration also believes that summer day short night, this ensures that the construction has a relatively long time, so the off-season renovation construction period be shortened. In addition, air circulation in summer, and indoors to form a "exhaust system", the air in the room can be quickly taken away, so finishing works in the small amount of gas bad for the human body is easy to volatilize, can shorten the renovation of "dry period".
According to Japanese household in charge, is usually the off-season when they do prepare for season marketing, therefore be introduced in key communities call for open house activities, this makes quality assurance on the basis of, the owners also enjoy higher discounts.

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