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Trend: bubble Forum free advice
"$Literal" popular online forum, you can see the opinions of others, can fully express their views and build a unique home on the Web. Decoration is no exception, young home owners are not subject to time limits in the decoration must be run by the diving of the forum for some time, look at someone else's decorating book, beware of fraud. Jump between the various major forums, they eventually find decoration collection gathered the most comprehensive--all kinds of door and window repair Forum on the Web site. In addition to outside users continuously uploaded decoration tips, there are businessmen in good faith to serve the owners ' FAQ.
Home improvement forums have become "$literal" gets renovated first place for knowledge, it is not difficult to understand why some retailers at human piously FAQ for consumers at the Forum, and does not advertise with suspicion, the only way to win with the "$literal" communication opportunities, gain their trust.
Trend II: self project was designed by
Family decoration after the knowledge which has a preliminary understanding, the "$literal" on the design will have a strong desire for, they would think according to their own ideas, can create an unparalleled effect of Windows and doors, the full realization of hearts want to feel.
And everyone on the network-the company provides home improvement effect of "$literal" Gets the source of design inspiration. Industry peak set up a volume of tens of millions of home decoration design case library, consumers can check out for free; Beijing Turion 72 information technology launched the home design software, build 72 bright Windows network, with members of the city Assembly and stores to promote independent home improvement design; all companies to establish design module, consumers at home under the guidance of company designers to choose the style you want. All sorts of information on the market are self-the inspiration for this project was designed to educate the consumer, "$literal" desired by your own hands to build the family's wishes were met. In the "$literal" before, designers tend to be the technical support role, helping them resolve "gotcha".

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