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What are they seeking? Geography of elite migration in China
Talk about exotic new life, her tone-excited-life comfortable, no stress, reassuring of the pension system, welfare benefits and broad coverage. Lv Xiaomeng child before she do immigrants in Canada in high school, my sister 11 years ago, the family emigrated to Canada. Through a real estate broker's brother-in-law, introductions, Lv Xiaomeng good real estate business in China and Canada dock. She bought a house in Toronto, an upscale communities, has been renovated, environment and the neighbors are very friendly. From the airport to the new House, she enchanted the blue sky, white clouds, and the earthy smell.
For Lv Xiaomeng renovated basement is a Chinese immigrant. The decoration company was formerly General Manager of a large State-owned enterprises in Shenyang, a monthly salary of more than 20,000. But his daughter has a congenital disability-hearing loss. Father to let his daughter receive the best language education in Shenyang and Beijing, travel back and forth between, and thus have an extremely heavy financial burden and heavy mental stress. After his wife divorcing him life has become more difficult. Break came in his Immigration Canada later. "Canada benefits, there are now three teachers to teach his daughter. Little girl is 10 years old, in English and Chinese to communicate with people without interruption, if you stay in the country ' dead '. "Lv Xiaomeng said.

Lv Xiaomeng and decoration for her boss is the epitome of China's new generation of immigrants.
Since reform and opening up, has sprung up to three immigration. And underlying the late 70 workers and students in the late 90 's two immigration is different, third wave of immigration is the main force in the new rich and the intellectual elite, and in the new century (002280) showed a growing trend over the first 10 years.
According to the Beijing entry and exit Service Association President Qi Lixin introduced over the past 10 years, there are about 400,000 Chinese immigrants in Canada. Investment immigration surge during the last three years, high real estate prices play a dominant role.

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