Decoration Guide

How to decorate more money
1. decoration materials, quality score, lower-middle class, but with a material, due to different sources of prices, so shopping around is always applicable.
2. procurement of materials, designer or decoration worker went as far as possible, they know where to buy cheap material, twice; more is that material to these customers the price quoted for a long time will be very favorable.
3. the use of "most expensive few of the expensive" approach, most of the cheaper materials and practices, a few finishing touches part of the high price, so will have high style.
4. avoid high season period, prices usually rise.
5. do not look for new renovation company, because a company operation immaturity, economic losses caused by the errors committed by it, could eventually be passed on to the head of the body.
6. do not look for big decoration company, because of its high operating costs and charge also higher.
7. the construction is very small unless you want to, it's best to be professional designers to design for you, so you can make your money into practice, and obtain results.
8. unless you're a professional, or not directly hired construction workers, because that spending less on the surface, actually because of the different details and practices, your cost is much higher than what you get.

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