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Home curtains decoration fabric fashion trends of bamboo fiber, when its
"Creativity and the trends of 2010 International Design Summit", brought from Europe to consumers in the first time home trends for 2010 home drapery fabric design trends and popular elements.
European style "bamboo"
Italy experienced fabric designer MR.PaoloSavio 2010 fabrics home textiles, first from the fabric on the art, science and technology with a curious amalgam of the three, reflecting the textile fashion trends from Europe and becoming a monk as a center of absolute, gradually extend to a diversified approach to development.
At present, the cloth fabric that is gradually becoming mainstream in Europe, is a special bamboo extract processed bamboo fiber cotton, linen and other fabrics made of special fabric, soft color-rich. This bamboo fiber used in screen design and production, both to protect the environment, and also brings to the market a very different feel.
Perceptions in design, with a metallic design very fashion, by dyeing of bamboo fiber technology such as the processing of gold and silver striped, lined and machine weaving, the fabric texture is very soft, delicate and smooth glossy reflection texture like silk. Hang on, now appear more visually across the design.
The curtain material: popular mashup
According to reports, at present in Europe's newest home sewing in the treatment process, there is a special fabrication metallic wires, processed to join fabric, at the same time guarantee the curtain fabrics can be made of any shape, also have the same delicate feel fabric. Mix and match materials, also popular in this trend, and splicing the wind is still popular, cotton, linen, lace, silk and other material combinations, so a common fabric, with a smooth Visual effects and feel. More satin, silk fabrics and jacquard designs will become surreal ornate mainstream, greatly enrich and meet the needs of different consumer-friendly drapery fabric pattern and hope.
Addition, in currently by released of international home fabric future trend in the, main reflected in traditional elements of again design, about mood, to flow, and stone, and woodcut, and Lotus, and blue-and-white porcelain, pattern show "new China wind"; with materials, and environmental material performance technology sense, highlight function sex, with cut, and paper lines, and relief, and cascade up wrinkle, and geometry pattern, to talking about or metal color show cold glory of "technology wind"; also has using anime, and sketch, and graffiti, and pixel, pattern show free and bold of modern sense and kid stuff of design And soft, warm, natural fabric printing, color weaving, flocking, lace and embroidery techniques, comfort, relaxing experience, exotic and fresh, has become the most anticipated spring/summer 2010 home drapery elements.

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