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Forecasting the future of decorative coatings for two years development trend
2009 1 in December, China built in Jinan decorate a total output of 2.6167 million tons (Interior and exterior wall coating, exclusively water borne coatings, statistics and "paint") in, 2.159 million tons compared with the same period in 2008 rose by 21.2%. Of course, is the driving force for the development of demand, the world's diverse needs paint look. Today, in the 21st century, high performance, environmentally friendly architectural LaTeX coatings, coatings for exterior wall thermal insulation advantages more obvious, imitation marble and copying, the advent of aluminum curtain wall and other textured decorative coatings makes architectural coatings industry promotion and development, moving in the direction of the technological content and high added value.
Development of coatings industry, new technologies, new products and styles, competition has become increasingly fierce. 2010 paint industry competition will gradually increase, to that end, paint companies should understand the development trend of world coatings industry in order to seek sustainable development.
According to the IRL released "Middle East and Africa, the coatings industry market reports" show, Middle East and African countries development of coatings industry will further growth expected by 2014, over coating industrial-scale average heading development of the area.
Jinan decoration decorative coatings development trend forecast of the next two years
Due to the global financial turmoil, are heading for growth during the economic recovery period has been considerable. In the market in the 18 countries covered in the report, decorative paints market growth the most optimistic. Decorative paints market demand and growth of the industry and other types of industrial coatings, more prominent. This is paint companies in Western countries already have relatively mature decorative coating production and marketing.

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