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After decorating the best summer
Summer is over, but it was still hot, the typhoon will only generate rainfall in a short period of time, high temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius weather may also appear in the city. Long duration of high temperature this year is rarely encountered in previous years, many of the public has told reporters that: "not only in hot weather, and it seems to have a smell in the House, disgusted glare, to hospitals, high temperature air is all gone? "
Miss Lin's House was renovated at the end of last year, in early May this year after getting married, moved into the residence, several months always felt uncomfortable otherwise healthy she is always a headache, sore throat, "what is that thing? Once decorating the ventilation time was half a year ago, there should be no air pollution problem? "
High temperatures will be forced out of the indoor harmful gas
Air quality inspection department Lee gay told reporters that "high temperatures this summer, let us to do residential air quality there's plenty of family. And there is a new phenomenon, some decoration owners last year found that smell in the House this summer just decoration, it's stronger than last year's, showed excessive levels such as formaldehyde, benzene, is in serious condition. "
What's going on? Harmful gases would increase it?
Experts explained that "this may be the high temperatures to blame! "It is reported that the summer is the peak of indoor air pollution. With temperatures of increased, various building materials and furniture in the harmful gas of release volume also with of increased, like formaldehyde of boiling point for 19 ℃, and to has 30 ℃ Shi, indoor toxic harmful gas release volume reached highest, and this year of high temperature continued time obviously than in previous years long, some deep in floor in, and Cabinet in of harmful gas also are was forced out has, winter temperatures low, harmful material easily volatile, this is why those decoration has half of House now only feel smell serious of reasons.
In addition, most families now have air conditioning, cooling, guarantee the normal work and life, indoor day and night continuously the air conditioning is a common phenomenon. Indoor window for closed structure and corresponding decrease in convection in the indoor and outdoor air, indoor ventilation is poor, some decoration materials after release of toxic gas in the air to dissipate as soon as possible, the smell is more, of course, did more to the human body.
Jinan decorate the best can break a summer
Experts suggest that decorate the House outside of properly selecting green building materials, owners, shall also be the size of residential space, designers calculate building materials scientifically and rationally use, avoid excessive materials can cause indoor air pollution. After decorating the don't stay, ventilation to open doors and Windows for some time, and maintaining good indoor ventilation, preferably over a summer or specialist treatment to reduce the content of harmful substances in the indoor air and concentrations.
Xinhua also learned, we have already implemented the family decoration project quality standards will include mandatory provisions on indoor air quality. Consumers to increase family awareness of pollution and repair company to sign a home improvement contract see if there are articles on indoor air quality, indoor air pollution problem once Decorated, properly safeguard their lawful rights and interests.
New standard for formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC total volatile organic compounds concentration standards set three indicators, formaldehyde (mg/m3) ¡ü 0.08, benzene (mg/m3) ≤ 0.09, TVOC total volatile organic compounds (mg/m3) is less than 0.5. But also specified that time measuring the concentration of pollutants in the indoor environment completion of renovation after 7 days or before delivery, the user purchases the furniture did not enter the room. Detection method according to GB50325-2001 the provisions of the existing national standards, testing requirements should be recorded when the ambient temperature detection should be consistent with normal ventilation conditions and requires concentration must be located within the wall not less than 0.5M, 0.8M~1.5M from the floor height. Detection, centralized air conditioning civil engineering, testing should be carried out under the condition of normal operation of the air conditioning, use of natural ventilation in civil building engineering, test should be conducted after external Windows and doors closed for 1 hour.

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