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Second-hand housing renovation needs what tricks?
Home understanding each of us is different, how to decorate the most perfect home with limited money? in home renovation, many owners care about is the issue of cost. So before the renovation, be sure to plan well, only good planning can reduce the cost. At this point, make especially for you integrated this the warm winter home improvement information, let you dress!
Most second-hand has live has 35 years and 10 years above, quality Shang whether has problem or whether has has had overhaul, is decoration Qian to lane clear of problem, except some see missing of hidden engineering to check and made judge outside, some seems is new of part especially to note, as new brush of wall or roof, may is to cover housing wall Shang of crack or ceiling seepage, encountered similar situation, new homes main particularly attention.
, Aging water pipes must be replaced
Housing the original water pipelines often have a lot of irrational layouts, decoration must be thorough checking of the original water, see if its corroded, aging. If the original pipeline using galvanized pipes that have been eliminated, in the construction and must be replaced by the copper pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe pp-r pipe. Decorate the bathroom before being blocked floor drains, around 5 cm deep water test, if leak you must redo the waterproofing work; also note is that can't stay dead after construction.
Second, the circuit cannot but transform
Assign simple circuits, wires and aging, prevailing in secondary phenomena such as illegal wiring, has been unable to meet the demand of modern family, so must be reinvented in decoration, cabling. If you find that the original lines using aluminum wire, it must be replaced to 2. 5 mm square section of copper wire. For installing air conditioning and other high-power electrical lines, you should set up a separate a 4 mm square section of the line, and must be used when embedding PVC insulated and sheathed lines.
In addition, the new national standards require that residential fixed socket number should not be less than 12, but there are still a lot of second-hand House's original socket number does not meet the standards, if a large number of used mobile socket, when the current load is increased, mobile socket will be unusually high because of poor contact, to electric shock and electrical fires lay hidden.
Third, the "hidden work" apart and re-
Quality problems in the current home improvement, in large part by "hidden work" caused by improper construction. What is a "concealed projects?" in the construction process the order process, on one end of the process, will be covered by the next cannot be carried out to check the site, known as the "hidden work". Therefore, housing decoration, "concealed projects" to watch. Such as water supply, air-conditioning, ventilation to ceiling and other facilities of the piping is airtight test, lines, equipment and electrical insulation, resistance testing, solid connection, joint practice compliance, inflammable materials are fire retardant treatment belongs to "concealed projects" category, are for the first time after installation can not be checked again. Insiders suggested that old house renovation, reopening the position is a good opportunity to eliminate hidden dangers, the owner must be strictly checked, replacing the old legacy of "hidden work" removed.
Four or three, "" transforming essential
In the decoration, secondary wall, ground, reconstruction of smallpox is the most overlooked, experts recommend the best professionals to inspect housing and see if there are no cracks, smooth, non-shedding, and sand. If these conditions exist, patch handle, including eradication of wall grease, powder paint, cement mortar repair base, cracks and holes. In addition, the repair brush primer over them, grass-roots firmly, and secondly to prevent future grass-roots changes due to efflorescence and damp, then use proportionally dilute emulsion paint finish. Should pay attention to in the construction of clean air, dust protection and tools to ensure that no debris.

Ageing of doors and Windows is a prominent issue on the second-hand, but if the material used is solid, and you like the style, you can generally paint again brand new, but if there are problems, they must be removed to do mainly depends on wood doors and Windows from the skin, deformation, if there is, then the characteristics of the wood itself, must be replaced with new. In addition, steel doors and Windows surface shedding, corrosion or cracking in the absence of security, it is difficult to restore the status quo ante, in order not to affect the results, expert advice should also be removed to do it again.
VI second-hand disinfected
Prior to the renovation housing, should the toilet and kitchen in 24 hours to 48 hours of water leak test, check how original waterproofing, if there is no water leakage, proven waterproofing did a good job; if leak occurs you must waterproof again. After we finished our waterproof, floor dry completely, and then tile, decoration. Moreover, modified squat toilet in the bathroom toilet drain location when waterproofing, bathroom design and decoration at the top, should pay attention to facilitate disassembly and Assembly, facilitate future inspections and maintenance.
Seven, when you remove the old tile resurfacing, note also that the three
1. When you hit the wall tiles and floor tiles, to avoid debris clogging the sewers;
2. handle waterproofing, water to minimize the use of elbows to avoid flow is impeded or blocked;
3. minimize the use of wooden plates, mostly wood products containing formaldehyde, health wood because of the humidity and deformed, and wooden hand cost is higher.
Repair of second-hand housing has an important step necessary, that is to be disinfected. Can of Lysol water, 3%-3% bleach water or 3% solution of Peracetic acid spray. Sprinkle shut Windows and doors after 1 hour.

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