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Decoration and culture Festival will be shown bright projects benefiting shocking debut
Fall 2010 Jinan decorate cultural festival will be held on September 17 at the Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing city planning Exhibition Hall Grand debut, 365 home small series from the Organizing Committee informed that current enrollment situation quite hot, all equipment and building materials industry gears ready to compete, gold and nine silver ten home season the first wave is about to detonate.
As first in Nanjing in the second half of the most authoritative, most influential well-known brand and consumer home event of the swine flu, sponsor and host will attach great importance to, and housing and urban and rural construction Commission, the city of Nanjing, Nanjing decoration industry Management Office, Nanjing decoration industry associations leadership at all levels at the exhibition site to visit, I hope the projects benefiting to the Nanjing citizens enjoy the best service.
Jinan Nanjing home decoration industry Management Office Director Lin Wen cultural festival has been held for many years, new every year, and this year is no exception. Through carefully selected by the Organizing Committee, brand awareness, industry reputation leading decoration company and building materials into the exhibition, with a minimum annual price to repay the majority of Nanjing residents. Meanwhile, provincial Department of housing and residential and industrial development promotion centre will also be depth of the finished room decoration on technical standards and future impact is worth paying attention to.
This large home improvement Government-led event, exhibitors also pulled out all the stops the killer, stretching to prepare for a showdown. Not only preferential prices, with various forms of publicity will also debut, all decoration needs of owners will feast and benefit.
Nanjing decoration culture Festival will be shown bright
Xu Zhenyu, Chairman of American Chamber home (blog) said: "the home section we will vigorously introduce zero extension packages, this is the Court of the United States after the more popular packages of new highlights, hope to make the home improvement market in Nanjing clean. Package covering taxes, management fees, electricity and rearrangement of the roads and so on, thoughtful and affordable, I believe the majority of owners will like. "
"We took part in the annual home improvement section, this year is still the old location, not only prices are more affordable but more to watch. "The industry peak decoration Nanjing branch General Manager Tang Huizhi (blog) excited, said traditional home improvement season is coming, in anticipation of the exhibition a great success at the same time, a good platform for the exchange of Chinese and with colleagues and owners. By then, the industry peak decoration will be the international green building materials and advanced technology moved to the show, you can experiment with environmentally friendly zero-distance contact home.
In participation in the building materials business, small also found European style cabinets figure, booth location and size are very conspicuous, Jinan decorate very optimistic about this exhibition, "Europeans are only two exhibitions a year, this home event is led by the Government authority, the brand selected very carefully, the owners can rest assured purchase. In addition the date node is boundless, the exhibition is expected to be home in Nanjing market gold and nine silver ten concentrated bursts. ”

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